Expired Domain Scraper Top Features

Majestic Stats

The dashboard will show you everything you need to find the best domains – Trust Flow, Citation Flow and Topical Trust Flow. Plus, you will get the metrics for both www and non-www versions!


Rebuilding From Archive.org

Forget about Wayback fees, you only need to make one click and Domain Re-Animator will gather all the content from the expired domain, compress the data and email you all of this so you can upload it to your host and have a working website!


Geolocation Scanning Available

Domain Re-Animator will quickly find hundreds of geo-specific domain names for you. You only need to enter a city name and you can start dominating the market!


Wayback Snapshots Available

Internet Archive snapshots are available from the dashboard of this convenient tool. This makes is easy to figure out if the found domain is a potential spam or not.


Detect Spam With Ease

We know how hard it is to go through domains, one by one, and figure out if they were spammed to death. Now we have a detection tool that will save you a lot of time and money.


Cloud Crawling Made Simple

Domain Re-Animator is cloud hosted so you don’t need to download any software. Just make a few clicks and hundreds of powerful domains will be on your dashboard.


Say Goodbye To Your Domain Broker

Some domain brokers can be really expensive. And that’s not all. The domain names they provide can be quite awkward or impossible to use. With Domain Re-Animator, you won’t have those problems. You will not waste money and time on underpowered and overpriced domains. You will be your own domain broker from now on.


Archive Rebuilds

No need to keep on paying those Wayback fees. Just select a Wayback snapshot you want and click the Re-Animate button inside the dashboard. All the files will be sent to your email and then you can easily upload the site to your hosting account.


100% Refund Available

We know you are going to LOVE our software. And this is why we are giving a 100% money back guarantee. We won’t ask any questions and will provide a 100% refund. Just make sure you used less than 100 expired domains.

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