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Domain Re-Animator 2.0 Review – Expired Domain Software

Buying expired domains is the latest internet marketing craze. Using scrapers to find these domains is the best way to go and here we are bringing you a review of a great scraper software – “Domain Re-Animator 2.0“. I’ve personally bought several tools so I can give you a good description of this software, as well as my personal opinion on it. Most internet marketers are interested in new tools that can help them and often buy things that don’t work or that they don’t use at all. But, lets see what this tool is all about.

First, there is no tool that is going to help you with SEO 100%. There are many factors that come into play when it comes to search engine optimization and Domain Re-Animator will help you with buying expired domains. It will save you time and money.

Second, you need to know how to build a network properly. If you take time to learn everything by yourself and go through domain auctions, use various software to help you figure out the metrics and how to rank the sites, you will be able to gather a lot of experience. If you make a few mistakes, even better, as this is how you will learn what works and what doesn’t work. You can also sign up to a brilliant SEO Group Buy online called SecretSEOClub for just $27/mo.

Now that we got that cleared out…

Of all the expired domains software I tried, this one has everything I need.

After trying out this tool, I realized that I don’t need a couple of other tools I’ve been using because Domain Re-Animator has it all.

Other software had:

  • Limited functionality
  • Limited crawl time
  • Delivered lousy results
  • Was expensive



Take a look at the dashboard first:

You’ll notice that everything is “filterable” and this is exactly what I needed. And I’m not talking about the metrics only, even the www and non-www versions can be used. We all know that some expired domains have considerably better metrics when www is included. Unfortunately, most tools do not list both sets.

You can also set the DA (Domain Authority) and search through both www and non-www with your desired parameters. What I usually do is set a minimum of 10 for the DA and then I sort the domains by TF (Trust Flow). I get great results by doing this.

There are other features that I like about this tool – favorites, spam filter, WayBack Machine and the Re-Animation feature.

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When you find a domain with decent metrics, good backlinks and the right anchor text, you can proceed to download files from the Wayback Machine. Domain Re-Animator will do all of this automatically and then send you a link with all the data you can download and use.

Once you download the data, you can upload the entire file to your host and voila! You have the entire site built in a matter of minutes!


My Final Thoughts

Everything you need, this software has. The only thing I would recommend is to keep your Majestic subscription so you can double-check the links and see if there is any spam. Everything else is taken care of by the Domain Re-Animator.

Thank you for reading my Domain Re-Animator review. Hopefully, you understand this tool a little better now. It’s clear that this is a scraper that will replace any other tool you have. Be prepared to cancel your other tools!

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